AlJumuah magazine teaches English speakers how to understand and live by the Final Heavenly Message sent down by God for the guidance of humankind and how to follow the Last Messenger, sent as a mercy to all the worlds. The Message is the Quran, the Messenger, Muhammad ﷺ. We subscribe to the vision articulated by the great scholars of Islam that stated ʿilm is qal’Allah wa qal’al-Rasûl; that is, true knowledge is what Allah has said, and what His Messenger has said.

We’re always looking for writers (and now audio and video presenters) who have knowledge by this definition of the Quran, the Prophet, and fiqh to convey to our readers and viewers; or social, historical, and cultural comment to make that is grounded in the Revealed Texts of Islam and in the illustrious example of the early Muslim generations and the traditional Muslim scholarship, teaching, and explication that followed upon this Straight Way.

AlJumuah, in its 27th year, is probably the oldest, non-institutional magazine produced by the Muslim community in America still publishing. It began as the Friday Report, a hybrid, four-page, copy-paper, newsletter-magazine. It evolved into a globally distributed, four-color print, recycled-paper magazine, from 64 to 96 pages.

In Rabî’a Al-Awwal 1436 / December-January 2014-15, AlJumuah has gone online to reach a global audience matched only by the breadth and audience of Islam, the universal religion of God. For above all, our world today is in need of the unadulterated message of Islam, and there can be no doubt that humanity, knowingly or unknowingly, is desperately seeking its light.